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Missouri Tax Attorney Helps Clients Overcome Complex Problems

St. Louis law firm provides comprehensive advice and representation

No one welcomes contact from the Internal Revenue Service or the Missouri Department of Revenue about potential tax problems. At the Doheny Law Firm, LLC in St. Louis, I work with a diverse group of Missouri clients to handle these matters with professionalism and skill. Taxing authorities have strong penalties at their disposal, but with a knowledgeable advisor on your side, you can resolve your issue positively. I have 30 years of experience representing clients in tax cases and take every step possible to protect their rights and remove the financial and emotional burden of tax troubles.

Skilled advocate handles cases of alleged delinquent filing

Taxpayers understand the importance of filing their tax return by April 15, but fear, financial difficulties, and other circumstances sometimes cause them to miss that deadline.  If you’re in this position, you should know that you have options, and I can help you work with the IRS to satisfy your duty in a manner you can live with. I advise on issues such as:

  • Extensions — In many cases, filing delinquencies can be cured through extensions. I can guide you through this process and explain what penalties might apply.
  • Interest and penalties — From the date when taxes are due, interest begins to accrue and penalties exist for a failure to file and pay. However, it is usually best to file a return even if you are not able to pay at that point.
  • Legal action — Nonfiling of taxes is a crime, but I work with clients to resolve all issues efficiently so drastic action is avoided.

There is no reason to be fearful. Quick action often triggers a prompt, successful result. You can always count on honest, compassionate communication and a free initial consultation when you seek my help with tax issues.

Knowledgeable assistance to negotiate Offers in Compromise

When someone’s tax liability is too high to pay in the foreseeable future, tax authorities are often willing to approve an Offer in Compromise. This allows the taxpayer to clear what they owe with a lesser amount that is acceptable to both parties. Whether the amount is a lump sum or broken into periodic payments, an agreement enables the tax agency to stop investing expense and effort into pursuing you. My firm understands what factors the IRS and the Missouri Department of Revenue use when making these evaluations and can assemble an offer that has a strong likelihood of acceptance.

Experienced lawyer works for the release of levies and liens

Levies and liens enable the federal and state governments to take your property, or a legal interest in it, when you cannot fulfill your tax obligation. My firm pursues creative solutions to help you satisfy the debt, even when full payment is not possible. If the liability is cleared, an IRS lien should be removed within 30 days and the property should be unencumbered, notwithstanding claims of other creditors. I make sure that once you have satisfied your part of the agreement, the taxing authority will do the same.

Contact a dedicated St. Louis tax attorney for a free initial consultation

At the Doheny Law Firm, LLC, I represent St. Louis-area clients in tax matters and with other legal issues. Please call 314-863-0999 or contact me online for a free initial consultation at my office.