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The Doheny Law Firm has contacts back to 1913, the first year of Federal Income Tax. John V. Lee Sr. (St. Louis University Law School) Started practicing law in 1913.

In 1917, a merger created the Law firm of Gatewood and Lee. Next, in 1922, after John V. Lee, Sr. brother Frank (St. Louis University Law 1922) returned from World War I and completed law school, the firm of Lee, Fricke and Lee started. Lee, Fricke and Lee specialized in Collections, creditor rights and general litigation. John V. Lee, Sr. practiced until his death in 1951. His brother Frank Lee continued to practice until 1962. Next Donald A. Doheny Sr. (Harvard Law 1949 and a licensed Professional Engineer), son in law of John V. Lee Sr. continued the family tradition practicing in areas of corporate law, construction law, wills and trusts and real estate law. Donald A. Doheny started practicing law after returning from WWII Army service. John V. Doheny (Univ. of Dayton Law School) continued the family practice after 1986 specializing in taxation defense, real estate, creditor defense in asset protection and wills and trusts. John Doheny started practicing law while continuing to serve in the US Army reserves in 1986.

Another family member William J. Doheny, CSC, uncle of Donald A. Doheny Sr. was a canon lawyer in the Roman Catholic Church in Rome. He was an associate member of the Roman Rota, the Supreme Court of the Catholic Church specializing in Canonical Procedure in Matrimonial Cases. He wrote numerous books during his life and was a faculty member at the Notre Dame Law School in the 1940s.

The Lee and Doheny family tradition in law is over 100 years old. The Firm provides services to build clients in their hopes of success in their life journeys in business and personal matters.

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The Banking Law Journal, pub. 4815

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